Primal Freeze Dried Pet Food

Ingredient Benefits
All products in the Primal Pet Foods food and treat line contain 100% USDA, human-grade, all-natural ingredients. Primal Formulas, Mixes and Grinds incorporate fresh, antibiotic- and steroid-free whole muscle meat, organ meat and meaty bones with no additional hormones. This combination of high-quality protein provides the essential amino acids, fatty acids, active enzymes and natural-source calcium necessary to support your pet’s overall health.

Primal Formulas and Mixes incorporate wholesome, certified organic fruits and vegetables providing essential food-based vitamins and minerals. The addition of certified organic unrefined supplements in our Formula line offers your pet the benefit of a complete and balanced diet without the addition of synthetic vitamins. All of the ingredients contained in the Primal products line are purveyed from suppliers who are recognized for their superior-quality, human-grade ingredients and the highest standards of safe food handling.

Primal Treats are produced using antibiotic- and steroid-free meats, poultry and game with no additional hormones from the United States and New Zealand. All treats in the Primal line are single-source protein and contain only natural ingredients without the use of preservatives.

By offering your pet Primal Pet Foods raw food formulas, you are providing to them a diet that most closely mimics their natural eating habits as they were in the wild. Through the use of 100% digestible food products, Primal Formulas offer the nutrients essential to life in a superior, bio-available composition. Through better digestion and superior assimilation of food derived nutrients, your pets will live happier, healthier and more vibrant lives.

Transition is the most essential element of a healthy and safe change from dry kibble or canned wet food to a raw diet. We recommend making this transition slowly. Allow a minimum of one week for your pet’s digestive system to properly adjust from a highly processed diet to a new diet of human-grade raw foods.

For days 1-3, begin by mixing Primal Formulas, Mixes or Grinds into your pet’s current food at a ratio that your pet will tolerate; you can start with as little as 1/4 Primal to 3/4 of your pet’s current food. Your pet may show some adversity to the temperature of the raw food when served directly from the refrigerator. To warm Primal raw foods, place the feeding portion into a zip-seal, water-tight bag and temper in a bowl of warm water. Do not use water that is too hot, as this will potentially cook the food and reduce the enzymatic properties, as well as deplete the nutrient values of the raw foods.

If your pet accepts the raw food during days 1-3, feed your pet raw foods only for the morning meal and their current food for the evening meal for days 4-7. When your pet has transitioned successfully (consuming raw foods readily, healthy, firm stool), you can begin feeding raw foods for both meals.

Many pets will transition quickly and consume the raw food with vigor. To determine how your pet’s system is accepting the new diet, monitor your pet’s stool. On a raw diet, your pet’s stool size will be greatly reduced. Stools will become small, firm and void of any offensive odor. If your pet’s stool is soft or loose as a result of the transition, introduce the raw food more slowly.

Pets that have digestive issues and/or gastrointestinal disorders should be transitioned more slowly. We recommend the addition of a digestive enzyme to aid with the transition for pets with severe digestive and/or gastrointestinal upset.

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