Petsafe Frolicat Dart Duo Interactive Laser Light


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Random laser patterns entice your pets to dart, pounce, and chase. Adjustable speed and timer settings create16 engaging play combinations. DART DUO has two lasers for twice the fun and looks beautiful in your home.

VARIABLE SPEEDS: Set DART DUO on floor. Ensure safe, level and stable surface. Press “ON/OFF • SPEEDS” button to turn on. DART DUO will run for 5 minutes on slow speed. Press “ON/OFF • SPEEDS” button again to change speed to medium fast or variable. The indicator light for the selected speed (slow, medium, fast or viable) will glow solid green. Press “ON/OFF • SPEEDS” panel on top of DART DUO a 5th time (after super-fast speed setting) to turn DART DUO off.

VARIABLE TIMERS: DART DUO will automatically turn off after 5 minutes, but can be set for 10, 15 or 20 minute time periods. Press the timer button to change the time. The indicator light below the selected time (5, 10, 15 or 20 minutes) will flash. Press “ON/OFF • SPEEDS” button to turn off before selected time period has ended.


  • Two lasers for double the fun
  • Variable speed settings and adjustable timers
  • 16 exciting play combinations
  • Entertains you pet and enhances your home
  • Uses 3 AA batteries (not included)


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