Liners Compatible for use in Littermaid Waste Receptacles

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For use over your existing Littermaid or Nature's Miracle waste receptacle that your automatic litterbox empties into (dimensions of that receptacle are approx. 12" x 5" x 5"). These liners work best when you round the edges of the plastic rectangle so they are not sharp. Easy to double up, or put several in the bin with small parts of baking soda between the liners to keep the smell minimized. They are a thinner style bag, but if your receptacle is emptied before it is completely full of waste, these work very well. 200 liners, changed twice per week will last you almost 2 years (52 weeks per year x 2 liners per week = 104)


  • Gulf Coast Pet Liners are for use over existing hard plastic receptacle (measurements of receptacle are approx. 12" x 5" x 5")
  • 200 liners placed over the receptacle will last over a year (if changed 2 x per week will last 2 years)
  • Round the corner of your hard receptacle before adding liner to prevent tearing
  • Liners are MADE THIN to fit in receptacle properly, change when 2/3 full to prevent ripping
  • Can add multiple liners with baking soda in between to help with odors. When 2/3 full, remove liner and the next one is ready to go
  • These are NOT littermaid brand, they are a specific liner we have made for use that fit in the receptacle.  You may view a YouTube video on their proper installation and use by going here: