Taurine in Goat's Milk - For your Dogs Diet

Adding goat's milk to your dogs diet, even in small amounts, could greatly improve immune function and overall health.

Our pets bodies are made of 65% moisture and unlike humans rely on on the majority of their water to come from the foods they eat. Most people feed a kibble which is only about 20% bio-availability for the day. This means only 20 - 40% of the nutrition can be absorbed into your dogs body. <READ MORE>

Grain Free Dog Food - Is it good, Is it bad - Should you stop?

First, let me start by saying that many of the Grain-Free dog foods on the market are still considered healthy and perfectly fine to feed to your dog.  I'm sure many of you have observed the recent overwhelming articles and vague reports about grain-free dogs as seen on tv, NBC nightly news, and Facebook.  Are grain-free foods harmful to your pet, are grain-free foods healthy for your pet?   Let's dive into the story a little further for an explanation. <READ MORE>