Harvesting the power of upcycling ingredients & using to make healthy pet treats

Posted by Tricia Bolds on

Upcycling food products and turning them into a powder for healthy pet treats?  The concept brought to us by James & Alex of Shameless Pets.

I was recently contacted by one of my friends, who changed jobs and went over to a new pet product company that revolves around the concept of upcycling. He asked if I would look at his line and if he could send me some samples for review.

What is upcycled ingredients?  Well, that's a great question and many people may not realize that food waste is quickly becoming a global issue.  The United States discards more than 63 million tons of food waste each year.  Upcycling takes the items that may have been thrown away, discarded or not used to send to grocery and then uses those items as ingredients to make new, healthier products. The process of food waste happens at every step along the way from harvesting, post harvesting, processing, distribution and consumption.   That's where shameless pets developed their idea and the company was formed. 

Shameless Pets buys these ingredients, which may have otherwise been thrown away or discarded.  This not only helps to reduce food waste, but it provides a healthy, grain-free treat for your pet to enjoy.  We are excited to offer these products in our store and hope you will be just as excited to give them a try.  

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